World Tour 2022-2023

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

August 2022 – After a 2-year break (!), we’re embarking on a world tour.

Our original plan was to leave from California in March 2020. I had negotiated remote work with my employer, we had arranged travel permit papers for permanent residence. Since we were unsure where we wanted to settle, we decided to embrace life fully and sold our house. We were left with no home, and all our possessions were in our minivan and a mini-storage for memories. We were living with almost nothing physically.

The plan was to cross the USA from west to east, sell our minivan in Boston, and then start our transatlantic journey beginning with Paris. We would be free to decide where to settle with the kids – Quebec, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, who knows.

And then… a few days after our departure, my entire company allowed remote work, and two weeks later, all borders closed. The project was shattered because I hadn’t anticipated the century-old pandemic in the realm of possibilities, especially not the closure of international borders.

So, our last 2.5 years were:

1.5 years of Airbnb in the USA and 1 year of living in a suburb of Philadelphia.

We really appreciate our new place. So, this time, we are traveling with better plans. Instead of discarding everything:

I work for my own company, so there’s no negotiation needed for work, just logistics. We plan to return to our post-travel home, so we arrange a trip lasting slightly less than 1 year to return with the school year in 2023. We stay in touch with professional services and schools to continue the children’s education.

There was a lot of preparation as well. And having been burned once, we prepared a bit differently, considering the possibility of everything closing again. There might be hurdles during the journey, we’ll see. But this time, I trust that everything won’t close simultaneously if it happens. In the worst case, we might have some medical tests to do in certain countries and a lot of paperwork. But we’re quite good at that now. 🙂

So, let’s go. We leave this week. We already have our first 2.5 months booked, and the rest will be detailed in the coming weeks. The itinerary:

World Tour 2022-2023 Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Denmark. Southeast Asia Oceania South America

For Europe, we initially wanted to spend 5 months, in a world tour lasting 1.5-2 years. But if we spend too much time in Europe, we have to cut time elsewhere. There are heartbreaking choices to make; I’d like to explore Eastern Europe, and I’d like to spend more time in the Scandinavian countries as well. But we can’t do it all, and if we rush things, we’ll burn out. Those will be for another trip. Moreover, rest is also essential during travel. The kids will do some school, and between activities, we need vacation time from traveling. 🙂

For transportation:

Train (TGV) when available. Car rentals (e.g., Normandy and Croatia). Flights (e.g., Italy to Greece) Bus/Metro/Taxi for urban movements

For accommodation, we prefer Airbnbs and apartments, and hotels for short stays.

So, it’s a backpacking type of journey!

And then, we’ll learn and adjust on the road. The best part is, it’s flexible! We can decide to stay longer in Europe or shorter. So, based on what we like, what works well, what doesn’t work well, we’ll adapt the journey to our family.

For me, I hope the trip will make me work a bit less, or rather, work better. I often have multiple projects at once and am scattered, like my brain; so I’ll have no choice but to focus on important things and delegate as much as possible, especially regarding the company! But who knows, the journey might give me ideas for half a dozen new projects!

We hope to come out of this experience enriched, and the kids accumulate lots of memories and ways to embrace life.

See you soon!

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